Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tiger Eye Chainmail Necklace

I finished this piece this morning. I encased a flat brown mother-of-pearl disc in chainmail (nope, no glue or adhesive -- the only thing holding it in are all those jump rings!) and then wire-wrapped a bunch of round tiger eye beads to augment it. I liked the look of this heavy, industrial bronze chain, which I used to finish the necklace off. Not bad for a few hours' work, huh? This piece can be found on my Etsy site, here:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spider-Web Earrings

A couple years ago, we got these nifty "snowflake forms" in at the bead shop where I work. They're little steel frames that look like stars, with 6 points. The idea is that you stick beads and crystals on them to make "snowflake" ornaments for your tree (or to hang in your window, etc). Well, I thought they were pretty cool, but quickly devised another purpose. I used 'em to make spider-web earrings!

Using thin wire (26G tarnish-resistant silver craft wire), I wrapped the frame in a "spider web" pattern, basically until I got tired of wrapping. Then I added some beads, snipped the ends, and attached an ear-wire to one end and a little dangly spider charm off the other. Decorate it with some little red drop beads, and voila -- awesome spider-web earrings just in time for Halloween!

You can find these in my Etsy shop: