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Winter Queen

This past Saturday, my Mom and I got together for a little photo shoot. Like I said in my last blog, I've been making lots of fantasy-style headdresses lately. By "lots" I mean about eleven, so far, because they take forever! Somehow, marathon bouts of "Castle" on TNT seem to help. ;)

Anyway, I think the shoot went really well. We did about three different "looks" for my Mom, all as some variation on a "Winter Queen" (that's much preferable to the "crone goddess" theme I initially mentioned to her!) I had two different white/wintry headdresses, and we practiced makeup effects and face painting.

Hopefully this link works; it's to the Facebook album I put together, so you can see more of the shots: Winter Queen Album

I hope to do more photo shoots. I have this ambitious idea of putting together a whole calendar's worth of fantasy/goddess photos, then doing a big show at the end of the year. Perhaps that will all be easie…