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October Dreams

Etsy has a wonderful feature wherein you can create your own "Treasuries" -- they're just collections of work that you can put together, usually with a theme (often color-related) to showcase other artists whose work you admire. I'm always pleased when I find one of my pieces featured in a Treasury, so I decided to make one that included work by a bunch of folks who've included me. Just "paying it back," as they say. I opted for a fall/autumn theme; it's my favorite season, and it seemed appropriate timing. So here's my "October Dreams" Treasury -- enjoy!

"Red as Blood" Gothic Choker

First, I have to give props to Laura Zeiner of Stick Lizard Designs -- she's the one who came up with the seed-bead pattern for this gorgeous Victorian-style necklace. I took her class at Nomadic Notions and learned how to make this piece, and so far, I've made three!

This red & black one is probably my favorite, though. I was inspired by watching "True Blood" (oh yes, I'm a fan). Pam, in particular, has some awesome taste in jewelry (or at least her wardrobe designer does!) and this seemed like the sort of thing she might wear. You really can't go wrong with red and black! I used red velvet Chinese crystal rondelles, along with some black crystals, size 11 black seed beads, and a few sterling silver spacers, then finished the whole thing with some gunmetal chain. It's all Gothic and sexy, and makes me think of vampires, which is why I've called it "Red as Blood." How very fitting, as Halloween looms ever closer!