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On the Bracelet Bandwagon

For whatever reason, I never really wore bracelets much. Same reason I never wore a watch -- I'd just end up fiddling with it all the time. Anything on my wrist was a distraction. But maybe that's partly the point. Recently I've been enamored with bracelets. I've made several, and I find that I like wearing them. I get to admire them -- one of the few pieces of jewelry you actually CAN admire while you wear them. The sparkly, glittery ones throw reflections in the car when I drive, catching the sunlight. Others are just fun to toy with -- I like making charm bracelets with lots and lots of colorful beads, and I like the clinky/clattery sound they make as I move, and I like admiring all the colors. Yep, I'm beginning to see the allure of bracelets after all. I was a little slow to join the bandwagon, but now that I have, I've a feeling I'll be a permanent member. Hurray for bracelets!