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Beaded Beads

I recently discovered a new love: circular brick-stitch. It's a great way to use up leftover pairs of beads (round, preferably), and embellish them with seed beads. I was sick for a week and ended up making about 12 pairs of these, in a whole array of colors. They're fun, easy, and relatively quick.

I have to give props to my fellow Nomad and Etsian, Laura, and her "Some Enchanted Earrings" class; I had a peek at the handout to help get me started. She's even got some tutorials for even more intricate bracelet and necklace versions. I think I'll stick with the earrings for now... the beads are calling to me to make more!

Check out the link to the "Beadweaving" section of my Etsy site, where I have several of these beauties listed!