Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fantasy Headdresses

I've been on a kick lately of making fantasy-style headdresses. Partly because I just like that sort of thing, and partly because I'm hoping to appeal to a specific crowd: LARPers, Ren-Faire aficionados, cosplayers, and, well, anyone else who likes to dress up!

Like most jewelry-making, it's both fun and tedious. How can something be both, you might wonder?

Well, the tedious part is easy: wire-wrapping all those beads, tweaking everything so it lays just so, and, um, did I mention wire-wrapping all those beads? I tend to watch a lot of TV when I do it, and I can remember what shows I was watching whenever I look at a piece later--little flashes of "Castle" or "Sex and the City" or some cheezy Lifetime flick, as they're ideal since you don't have to pay much attention to the plot.

The "fun" part comes in when the piece is done. Then you have something pretty to admire, to try on, and ultimately, hopefully, to sell! I like to imagine that my pieces will all find good homes someday--that they'll end up with someone who likes to admire them as much as I do.

Anyway, that's what I've been working on lately! Eight so far, with hopefully more to come!