Words on a Page

Words create our reality. That is why they are so powerful. The words we tell ourselves forge who we become. We manifest our own destiny.

Perhaps this is why I shy away from words. I’ve been avoiding their power. But maybe it is time I step into mine. Through words.

I write to bolster myself. And to bolster others. In a way, they are one and the same. I find that the words I say to others are often the ones I need to hear.

There is a vein of gold in words, a chord that strikes. I’m drawn to the rhythm and the flow. Words are like a dance. They move and pause, rise and fall, find a pattern all their own.

They can be a meditation. A benediction. A prayer. A spell. A prophesy. We can create an entire fantasy with words. We can be the heroes of our own tale.

Better yet, we can write the tale.
How will you write yours?

In the Hole

I was watching a show the other night, and there was a scene where several women were imprisoned in a hole. There was a shot from above and I could see them all arrayed around the perimeter, like they were in a big, deep well. The main character was trying to get out, and her friend started bemoaning the fact that they never would. My mind launched off at that point, as it often does when I’m watching late-night Netflix after having smoked a nice green bowl, and I started problem-solving the women’s plight.

When I was a kid, I had a friend with a big, four-story house that included a laundry chute that connected from floor to floor. So one time when he and my brother and I we were playing hide and seek, I hid in the laundry chute with my back braced against one wall and my feet on the other, so I could inch down between the floors. Incidentally, it was the best hiding spot ever and no one ever found me!

I remembered that and wondered if it could work for these women. What if they all l…

Use Your Voice

I've had an epiphany. Partly it was reading the book, Pussy: A Reclamation, by Regena Thomashauer, but that was really just the final grain of sand that tipped the scales. The book encapsulated so many of the things I'd been thinking, suspecting, discovering -- about sex and sensuality, about wanting to forge a sisterhood, about how we're strongest when we're lifting each other up and supporting one another. It inspired me, and somehow flipped a switch, deep down. I don't want to waste time with fear and insecurity anymore. I don't want to let limitations hold me back. I want to see beauty and opportunity everywhere, I want to be bold and optimistic. I want to quit living small. I want to shine.

And part of that means speaking up. Making myself heard. I have a voice. But somehow over the years, I just stopped using it. I stopped writing. I used to write blog entries, stories, roleplay scenes -- endless, endless roleplay scenes, back in my MUSH days. Back then, …

Create, Connect, Curate, Communicate

I like alliteration, so when I was mulling over my life's purpose and what I want to do with my time on this rock, I distilled my goals into a series of c-words: create, connect, curate, and communicate.

Create is easy. I've been an artist all my life, of one kind or another. I used to draw, then I got into writing, then it was graphic design and websites for a while, and now it's jewelry-making. I seem drawn to some creative outlet or other. Perhaps it's simply genetic by virtue of having an artist mother and clever, would-be professor father. But whatever my path in life, I tend to leave it littered with various creative outpourings. There is magic in that. I'm taking materials and manipulating them, or just conjuring pen-strokes or words out of thin air. It's like a kind of sorcery.

Connecting is another passion and pursuit. I enjoy connecting with people, and facilitating their connections with each other. That was a pleasant bonus of my time with Aether -…

Dusting Off the Blog

Figured I'd dust off this poor neglected blog while I tweak my website. I've shifted my focus over the last year and a half toward body jewelry, and I have to say, it's a lot of fun! I get to think in a bigger and broader scope, with a 3-D element as I envision how the jewelry will fit around a person. The canvas is bigger so there's more of a chance to stretch my creative muscles. And what's not to love about adorning one's body in jewelry?

There's something particularly appealing to me about the idea of wrapping oneself in beautiful beads -- especially now that I've been getting into the metaphysical properties of stones. I like to think of my pieces as magickal, protective "armor" of sorts, that will help shield the wearer from negative energy and enhance whatever qualities the stones embody. Plus, it's an excuse to buy more beautiful semi-precious beads! Ahhh, the possibilities.

Season of the Witch

It's great being back in Austin, for a whole multitude of reasons, but jewelry-wise, it's great being back among a network of friends who will model for me! This latest shoot features Sarah Lynne Bowman, whom I met years ago through other friends, and who's a LARP afficionado and fond of corsets, costumes, and fantasy. She was all too happy to don various outfits of a "witchy" sort, and showcase several of my headdresses and Gothic-style jewelry.

I posted an album of our shoot on Facebook; hopefully this link will work even for non-FBers:

Season of the Witch


Fairy Tales

I've been captured by fairy tales lately. Maybe it's because we've been watching "Once Upon a Time," based on the recommendations of friends. We got the first season on DVD and we're a few episodes away from the end. It's pretty good, and I enjoy the fairy tale theme... but there's a part of me that wishes it were just a little darker. More surreal. Unsettling. The way Grimm's fairy tales were originally meant to be.

Today's fairy tales are all watered down and palatable to children. But I miss the edgier versions. The ones where the evil queen is also an ogress who likes the taste of human flesh. The ones where the wolf eats the grandmother. The ones where death is matter-of-fact and where dark things happen to sleeping princesses. I like those kinds of fairy tales, so I've  taken to Etsy to make Treasuries along those themes.

I get inspired by images--Etsy and Pinterest have certainly fueled my creativity. It's funny--I think creati…