Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jewelry Shoot

Did a big jewelry shoot yesterday. Three models showed up (Lily, Stacey, & Keli), plus a jewelry-making colleague of mine, Ayanna, and a photographer-friend, Jessica. We all got together at Jace's house, who was nice enough to host the whole shindig -- he even made fruit salad, and Jessica brought donuts, so it was a nice little brunch.

I think it went pretty well. It took longer than I expected, but with that many people involved, that's probably typical. I mostly focused on wedding stuff -- I've been making a "wedding line," plus I'm doing a wedding-webpage for Nomadic Notions, to let brides know they have the option of making their own jewelry -- or at least getting help from us in designing something, instead of spending oodles of money at some high-priced boutique.

Ayanna's a woman I met through Nomadic -- she worked there for a little while, and we became friends. We're both focused on trying to turn our hobby into a business. She does a lot of metal-work and silversmithing, and produces some really gorgeous tribal/ethnic type stuff. I think the photos we took of hers are my favorites -- she brought lots of colorful scarves to wrap the models in, and arranged the shots to look all artsy, and I think the results are pretty cool. I should try getting a little more creative with my own shots.

Jessica was kind enough to lend her photography talents to the venture. She'd commented in a blog not long ago that she really wanted more practice with live models, which is what prompted me to invite her. I think she's got a really good eye for capturing the perfect shot, and I can't wait to see her batch of photos.

I uploaded a number of mine onto my Flickr account, so take a peek if you're curious. Once everything's priced, I'll put it up on Etsy, but for now, that's your sneak preview. Enjoy!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jewelry for Gettin' Hitched

I've got wedding on the brain. No surprise, I guess, given that I'm gettin' hitched on June 13! I was more excited about making my jewelry than I ever was about getting the dress. And, given that that particular ordeal is out of the way (yay!) I'm wide open for the jewelry-making.

And since I'm all inspired, I think I'll probably just make lots of wedding jewelry, and start a little wedding line on my Etsy page. I cranked out a couple last night, and today I'm off to the hobby stores and bead stores to get more supplies.

Ahhh, I love days like this!

Hopefully I can post pictures of the finished pieces soon.