Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vampire Night

This really just started out as a brainstorm one night while I was making jewelry. I'd been watching a lot of "True Blood" (my husband and I are both hooked), and then I just started thinking of vampires in general, and I decided, hey, I should make some "vampire-themed" jewelry. At first, I was just going to make pieces modeled after those worn by characters on TV and in movies. But my web-searching wasn't turning up a whole helluva lot to go by.

So it morphed from there, into just generic vampy-jewelry, but I thought, hey, I could do another photo shoot and get the models to dress like vampires, and, oooh, what if we had a show/exhibit afterwards, of all the work? I hated asking my resident photographer, Jessica, to just do another show for free, but this was a way we could both potentially come out ahead. She gets to show off her photos, I show off my jewelry... everyone's happy.

And then it kept growing from there. I roped in another photographer, four models, and we shot on location at Prague, an underground nightclub straight out of Transylvania, with all its gargoyles and brick walls and old-world decor. The photos all look great -- I was second-guessing myself and wondering if all this planning was going to pay off, but y'know, I'm happy just to have those pictures. I didn't take them myself, but they wouldn't have existed if it weren't for that initial late-night brainstorm.

So it's all underway. The event is next Friday, October 30, the night before Halloween. I've dubbed it "Vampire Night" -- a nice, simple title that gets the idea across. We've been advertising and planning and putting up flyers -- I hope we get a good turnout. Mostly I hope it's a success so that I can justify doing it again -- I've already got ideas churning for future photo shoot/events. Maybe this'll be the start of something pretty damn cool!

We shall see.


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