Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Expanding my Repertoire

Yep, the unthinkable is happening. I'm slowly becoming a seed-beader.

I'm not sure why I was resistant for so long. I suppose because I'd worked at Anthony Nak enough to where I only considered it "real" jewelry if it was made with chain and wire. That, and I'm just stubborn when it comes to trying new things (hey, at least I admit it!). When I started working at Nomadic, it seemed as though beaders fell into two camps: wire-workers or seed-beaders. And I was firmly ensconced in the former, to the point where it took me about 4 years to finally take the plunge with those darn seed beads.

And y'know what? I like it. I mean, sure, that darn thread gets tangled, and I'm still figuring out the patterns and such, but I'm coming to realize that many of the designs I've fantasized about can be achieved much more easily and with less hassle with a needle and thread (or Fireline) rather than all that wire and chain.

I don't think I'm going to give up on my beloved wire & chain, or even chainmail (which I also "discovered" a couple of years ago and really enjoy). I'm just expanding my repertoire. Best to know a little bit of everything, right?

Here's one of my more recent projects, made with fake pearls, size 11 seed beads, glass drops, and some little sea-green stones I had lying around:

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